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the blacks

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PostSubject: ExMilitary   Thu 15 Dec 2011, 11:45 pm

Kush on Tue Nov 29, 2011 2:19 pm

[QUOTE=Kjwarrior,Tuesday, Nov 29 2011, 04:43]Well im sorry you feel that way, and it seems your structure failed you when you got killed and your Leader was probably sitting there with his thumb up his butt (as usual)

Its cute that you think, to be a gang you need to be on GtaForums, well i garuntee you just about every other gang out there that isnt would whoo biancos asses anytime they pleased...

The most inspiring part of your little story about getting killed is the part where you ran and you say your gang is structured.

If any of my members were getting chased three things would have happened

1. I would be notified

2. Members would be sent to help

3. They would kill the person that was "so-called" chasing them...

It seems your structured mafia has failed you again and will probable proceed to do so in the future...

And dont get two confterable with me not being on here because your about to see alot more of me then before :monocle:
This is what he responded with when I sent him a PM telling him to chill and what his members did.

Now the real buisness. I joined a random free mode yesturday just to chill, some kid was being annoying so I started being black towards him. All of a suddden a chopper followed me and in it was....JoshC and some trick named Ex Spec ops. They tried to kill me for as long as 10 minutes til I stopped and finally killed three others randoms in the MQ when they crasheed the helicoptor on me. After that they said this a message from ExM to the Biancos. In the GTAF news topic, he said what the ExM did to me lastnight was a present from him and the ExM when in private messaging he said he did not order the hit. What a bitch move to first not claim it wasn't him but nows he's claiming what he did (JoshC crashed a heli on me) was his intentions all along.


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Re: ExMilitary
Don Bianco on Tue Nov 29, 2011 4:25 pm

There not ones to be afraid of, they are all talk and no game. They seriously do suck after they lost there one and only good player who was also a modder. Also it'll go through one way or another, a bitch ass attempt where they fucking suicide bomb you is pathetic and say it was a message in return is ridiculous.

Don Bianco

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