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 Weekly Sit-Downs

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PostSubject: Weekly Sit-Downs   Sun 09 Oct 2011, 2:40 am

Weekly "Sit-Downs" Activities
Don Bianco on Wed Sep 28, 2011 12:06 am

So in the corresponding thread I made the night before I asked you all to share a potential day and time for our "Sit-Downs". We have settled upon Sunday 8-9pm GMT (of course we'll adapt the schedule depending on one's timezone). Now with this topic here I'd like you all to share and give suggested ideas on what sort of activities we could do. Activities could be anything that would involve the family. Whether it be hanging out in territories, mini-games, TDM's, etc, etc.

The idea of the weekly Sit-Downs is for everyone to get a bit more involved and get to know each other a bit more... mingle if I may put it that way.

So whatever you may think would be fun or cool if we did it some time this is your chance to speak up and share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas.

Re: Weekly "Sit-Downs" Activities
Artfull on Wed Sep 28, 2011 9:39 am

Credits to carva on the table
Protect The President Get the president from Francis international to city hall without being killed by the mercenaries The President will be picked up from the airport and must make it to city halll without being assassinated No RPGs Artfull

Re: Weekly "Sit-Downs" Activities
Don Bianco on Wed Sep 28, 2011 2:37 pm

...Anyone remember that rough draft for a game type I came up with some time ago called "Snitch"?

I forgot which page it was one, I remember I had it all worked out with details and a map and everything.


A local crime family has just found out that of their soldiers that got pinched during a job is also an informant for FIB, the mobsters can’t afford to have this informant testify against their boss in an upcoming court case. They need to take care of him somehow some way. Luckily they have an opening, the FIB are about to move the informant to an undisclosed location and hold him there until the court date. This is the mobsters opening to take care of this snitch....

The mobsters must take-out the snitch before the FIB can get him to the safe house. The FIB must protect the snitch at all costs; they cannot allow the mobsters to succeed in their mission.

The mobsters are only allowed to use pistols; they also must kill the snitch before he gets to the safe house. The mobster’s team is 3-4 people.

FIB Security Team:
The FIB must make sure the mobsters do not take-out the snitch before they can get him safely to the safe house. The FIB team is 3people plus the snitch. The FIB is only allowed to use pistols.

The snitch is under the protection of FIB from his associates who are trying to kill him for ratting them out. He must stay alive and reach the safe house before the time runs out. There is only 1snitch, the snitch is only allowed a knife but can pick up a weapon from a dead mobster.

The game will start at the Prison, the game is 20minutes. No killing can be done until everyone is out of the prison (meaning not until everyone has left the area of the prison). The only weapons available are Pistols. The snitch can only be transported by car. The snitch has nothing but a knife that is why he must stay in the protection of the FIB security Team. However the snitch may pick up a weapon from a dead mobster and use that. Each player only gets one (1) life, once you die you may not participate in killing the snitch or protecting the snitch you must wait till the game is over.The game will begin at 12:00 (Midnight in-game).

Safe House:
The safe house is in Bohan. It is the safe house you receive in the story mode in the mission “Romans Sorrow”. The snitch must make it there before the time runs out and or the mobsters kill him, the mobsters may not guard the safe house and wait for the snitch to arrive. However the mobsters can be posted outside the safe house at 22:00 (in-game time). The FIB should have the snitch to the safe house by 22:00. But the Mobsters can attack the FIB anywhere outside the ‘Neutral Zone’.The Snitch must get inside the safe house through the open door in the back of the building.

*No Helicopters/boats
*No killing off the spawn
*The mobsters may not go straight to the safe house and wait for the snitch
*No RPG’s (Picked up from helicopter)
*No shotguns (Picked up from Police Cruiser)

This is just copied and pasted
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Weekly Sit-Downs
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