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 i just 1v1d deadsliez

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the blacks

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PostSubject: i just 1v1d deadsliez   Fri 16 Dec 2011, 12:11 am

And.... I was winning, but I ragequit... seriously, I'll admit it.

He's just the most frustrating person to play against and the most important thing is to stay relaxed, I didn't. We had a match in Colony, Assault Rifles. I didn't wanna stay in the party and needed some quiet time so I went to game chat. Swag stayed in the party with him and said he was accusing me of corner glitching and of having a turbo.

So, here's why I quit... I was winning 4-0. But what frustrated me the most is that he plays exactly like the Ivanovs do in the video I analyzed. He took cover and popped out a few times, but he was patient and stayed back and shit. Then when he realized I was waiting for him to pop out so I could blow his fucking head off, he ran around back and found another spot to stand at. Just stand there and wait for me.

So here's what pissed me off as well, when he popped out and I shot him a bit, usually I aim for the head so the shots did quite some damage, but even if I would have shot him in the foot, he would run to the nearest health pack, usually behind him so that I wouldn't have the chance to kill him.

But what really pissed me off is that after I got a 4th kill, his strategy was to rush and spray at point blank range. He would run in circles around me and spray when he felt ready. It was ridiculous. So, since Swag was spectating we kicked him from the match.

I don't care if he counts it as a loss, it was a friendly and GTAForums won't know about it... I still had the lead when he left.

EDIT: Guys, SET THE GAME ON A TIME LIMIT GL rules are 20 minutes. But if we set it to 20 minutes and start off winning, we can get them out of their comfort zone and make them leave cover to attack us. Make sure you hold down a spot that they can't just rush to in order to run around you and kill you. However, time limit can go both ways. :/



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Re: I just 1v1d deadsliez
Pazzo"Peyote"Sangue Today at 7:02 pm

I know what you mean carva, every time I've played with that faggot deadsliez he does that lame shit where he runs in S pattern or just runs circles around you then at some point stops to get a quick shot in. If we stay in packs he shouldn't be able to do that for long without getting butt plugged with bullets. Fucking crazy annoying though when people do that circle run shit.
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i just 1v1d deadsliez
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