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 Cancelling the Ivanov Match

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the blacks

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PostSubject: Cancelling the Ivanov Match   Fri 16 Dec 2011, 12:10 am

Cancelling the Ivanov Match
Cycrome Today at 5:39 pm

We played with them today. From what I hear, their tactics are infuriated. They zig zag around you at point blank range so you have to turn 180 degrees to get to their body, and they always have a shot at your head. It's like in Free Modes when someone starts running circles around you or crouching up and down and reversing and there's 0% chance you can shoot them. We lost today because of this outrage.

We're the top dogs because we put ourselves in a position to let weaker clans know who's boss. On the forums when we want to remind everyone who we are, we bully Deadsliez. We'd be putting ourselves in an eternal position of shame and inferiority if we go through with this. Especially when their video will have us being spawn killed repeatedly. Because of their tactics, it's an impossible situation. And we'd be putting our reputation at risk completely. Everything we worked for. And the Ivanovs will be in a position of success.

So why take the risk? Like Don says, Gang League is inactive and all we have to do is wait 15 days until New Years and its over. Just stop asking them for a match. Its so simple. Nobody will even suspect anything. We protect everything we own by avoiding a match, and what do we get in the process? More time to do actual business.

I know Scott and Carva are on board with this.


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Re: Cancelling the Ivanov Match
fgcarva1 Today at 6:14 pm

Yeah, Scott and I had a 2v2 with trikstar and deadslez. it's the right decision to not have the match. We can plan on how we outdo their tactics, but we need time.



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Re: Cancelling the Ivanov Match
Don Bianco Today at 6:51 pm

Bottom line is there done, they are dead or I should say dying. They have two people, Deadslize and Warpigz. The rest are incompetent idiots. They soon will die off. They are weak now too, Bagel is gone. There only amount of muscle abandoned them. I'm sure if we step up some pressure on them we could get another guy to leave. Or even coach Deadslize into plain giving up.

Don Bianco

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Cancelling the Ivanov Match
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